Life Groups


Life Groups are an exciting way to find people with your same interest – golfing, dogs, exercise, bible study, prayer, books, or anything you enjoy doing – and bringing God into the center of your life

At New Life St. Louis, we understand life change happens in the context of relationships. Life Groups make the meaningful life changing relationships which can be so hard to find relevant and easily accessible to all. Join a Life Group to cultivate Godly relationships, strengthen your walk with Christ, and influence others.


Our prayer is that all who enter the doors of New Life St. Louis would experience the love of God, find life in Jesus, and serve others now. Our Life Groups are intended to help you do just that, in a community of believers driven by similar habits, hopes, and hobbies. When you connect with a Life Group perfectly suited for your needs, we all experience life now, together.


Hosting a Life Group is simple; you just choose a topic or activity that interests you and select a time and place to meet and share in that experience with others. At New Life, steps toward community are steps toward Christ. People’s lives are changed one meeting at a time as they get closer to each other, growing closer to God both as individuals and as a unit. Life Group leaders play an important part in the overall process of cultivating church community.